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07/30/2017 - Review of Barbados Animal Flower Cave for Kids
In this thoughtful and fun review HolidayHotelReviews gives the ow down on whats great and maybe not so great about visiting the animal flower on a family holiday. Kids love it becuase they just have fun being underground with the sea raging beside them as they discover secret pools and tiny cavers just for the,. But the report caution families that it may not be suitable for all, and seniors who have any balance issue will find it slippery in places and hard to get around. Its well worth a visit otherwise and their is a fun story u about one adventure we think you will enjoy! See Blog here

07/10/2017 - 10 Fun Things To Do in Barbados with Kids
Its only 14 miles across at the widest point and 21 from north to south, but this tiny island of Barbados offers a wide range of things to do and see for families with kids. Check out the top 10 experiences reported by Tripsavy and the video on our TavelWatchNews blog
04/21/2017 - Website Strategy Process Implementation
Website Strategy Process Implementation is a special report which was written as an accommpanyment and bonus for those who purchased the book "WEBSITE" The forst in the series "Marketing Hotels & Tourism Online" The report is now in limited distribution and available for FREE to interested hotel and destination managers, and marketers. It was originally part of a 6 pack bonus show in the video here.

>> Website Strategy Process Implementation
04/08/2017 - Hotel Website Marketing Strategies Paperback By Ian R Clayton
The eBook Hotel Website Marketing Strategies By Ian R Clayton was a #1 bestseller on Amazon. It is now in paperback for all those who don,t want to look at screen and who like he tactical feel of a book. It is also the sort of book you can highlight and make notes in, much more easily. Book buyers are also able to access a free membership site and download case studies and videos that will help with planning and executing website marketing strategies.
03/10/2017 - FascinatingTravelers in TravelWeekly
The new Partnership with HowTofacinate and PersonaHolidays hit the news with a splash as 100s of media outlets features the article explaining how to fascinate travelers with hotel personality branding matching hotel with travelers of similar character.
- See Markhat blog with full video explanation:
02/22/2017 - Internet Statistic and Trends on Web Access & Mobile Usage
The report by TheNextWeb shows mobile growth at thirty 30% over the last year to accounting for 55% of all web access. Now way ahead of lap top and desktop at just 45% mobile is set to dominate the web and our lives.
02/16/2017 - Mariott Add its Voice to Personality Matching Technology
In the latest travel planning sofware by mariott hotels they are offering woulf be travelers a test that can help them create their travel persona and get matched up with hotels that offer the kind of experience that compliments who they are and what sort of holiday experience they like. See examples of how it works and what it means for travel at Personalize your travel here>>
>> http://marhatcom/marriott-travel-personality-quizz-delivers-fitting-experience/
02/15/2017 - Innovative Technology Fascinating Travelers
This Innovative Technology is fascinating Travelers with its Personality Matching that pairs travelers up with experiences that match their personality - see it at
01/18/2017 - Travel Weekly Features PersonaHolidays Personality Hotel Matching app
Travel Weekly Magazine has featured PersonaHolidays and its innovative Personality Matching Hotel App. The app analyzes travelers clicks and creates a travel persona which it matches to hotels of compatible character. The resuls is that hotel search is very targeted and personal. Travelers have increased engagement and bookings since the app was installed on the destination marketing site. The App is suited to hotel chains, groups and associations including destination marketing organization.
01/12/2017 - Hotel Marketing Trends 2017 Disrupt Travel
In This Infographics from NetAfinity they forecast that Hotel Marketing Trends in 2017 are set to disrupt travel. The surprise is the dynamic growth of Instagram and Bing as major new sources of traffic. Less shocking is the finding that video is the favored by a factor of 4 over text for learning about hotels and destinations.
11/25/2016 - Barbados Gets Personal with PersonaHolidays
BarbadosTourism Encyclopedia, The Barbados Travel Guide added the PersonaHolidays Planner to its travel booking and vacation planning service. PersonaHolidays is a world first Artificial Intelligent technology. Ir is a personal vacation Planning Engine for travellers looking for hotels and accommodation options fitting their unique preferences and character.

The technology is one of a kind and has already had immediate impact with travelers giving it rave reviews. See details at

10/21/2016 - New PersonaHolidays Matches Travelers With Hotels by Personality
PersonHolidays is a new Artificial Intelligent and Behaviour analysis system that get to k ow travelers personally and matches them up with hotels and vacation option based on character. it delivers an immediate, visual and intuitive personal recommendation that is spot on! See Value Proposition and Press Kit here >>

09/23/2015 - New Web Messaging System Launche on St. Lucia Villa Resort Website
AXSES AllCast Marketing launches its proprietary web messaging systems on the website of St. Lucia's leading Ocean View Villa Apartment Resort, located in the iconic setting of Vigie Bay, Castries, Saint Lucia - see details of new tourism technology and design approach here >>>

09/18/2015 - How the music industry helps business create power brands with sonic branding
Sonic branding is not new but it seems to be taking on new life as the music industry looks for new ways to use music in branding and revitalize an industry in change. Music fans too are part of the revolution as they move to sharing sites and with them music distribution shifts to the internet.

One of the new avenues for musicians, artists and music executives is to help industry of all sizes and types engage more with emotive authentic brands using music and sonic branding in their messaging. Coke showed the way with I want to buy the world a Coke and has never turned back.

The book The Band and The Brand is about to be published and its Author Laura Montarroso is inviting marketers, artist, musicians and music executives to register for a peak preview and get on the list for the release and receive the pre-launch bonuses, The book looks at what is happening in both corporate branding and music industry. It looks at the successful sonic branding companies, examples, solutions, opportunities and problems in a concise and easy to read manner.

See more at The Brand and The Band Book - Blogger

09/01/2015 - The Pitfalls of Re-Branding in the Dgital Age
The problem with re-branding is that if you have done anything right and you have search engine rank and good SEO, the change of name may just obliterate it all. Read this article and those that will follow to see how to avoid loosing it all when you rebrand your hotel or tourism offer.
05/22/2015 - Hotel Booking, OTA and CRS in need of major upgrade
Amadeus and IHB announced a major upgrade to their central reservations and hotel booking systems. its timely as as the old architecture of their CRS and for that matter OTAS bookings is more than a little out-of-date. New visual travel planning and travel e-commerce system are proving to be far more engaging and effective but there is little indication that the new cloud based system by these giants are moving in that direction. What can they learn from the success of Pinterest and the visual media.

Check out the article below to find out more >>> - For more about visual Travel Platforms see
02/23/2015 - St. Nicholas Abbey, Top Caribbean Heritage Site
The Abbey has applied for UNESCO world heritage designation. It is a valid contender for the top place as a historic and heritage treasure, all to the credit of Larry Warren. See the video below:

12/26/2014 - Marketing Teaser Videos
This is a very in depth report by SocialindexEngine which is Summarised in this TravelWatchNews blog.
11/17/2014 - New Luxury Villa Holidays at Buget Rates!
The new villa holidays package offer a heritage tour in addition to incredible savings on luxury villa accommodation. Offer is put together by barbados Tourism Encyclopedia, TravelersInsights magazine and Barbados premier Villa Hotel on 4 acres of beach front tropical gaadens at SettlersBeach. See our Blog at Click here

Youtube Villa videos
03/30/2014 - People & Lifestyle Holidays
Barbados Tourism Encyclopedia launches new Video on Distinctively Charming Holidays. See this afternoon trip into the flower gardens and forest, ending at Six Mens Fishing Village where we meet Sarge preparing fish for our dinner. See Our Blog >>

See video on YouTube Below
01/24/2014 - How Video Helps Rank Hotels and Tourism in Search
We all know that its hard to get ranked in search listing these days. Its almost impossible for a small hotel on the first page of Google today. That's becasse search engines now tend to favour the big authority brands and small local companies can't compete with respect to content, authority and rank. But video can help, this Blog shows how: Search ranking made easier with videos
Also see latest video on Youtube below:

12/16/2013 - VisualBookings Transforms Travel Marketing for Tourism Destinations
This amazing solution can be added to any destination booking engine transforming it into a high impact travel planning and sales channel that converts more shoppers to bookers. Its fun interactive systems engage travellers more and deliver a very personal solution that helps them make instant decision and book. With its unique marketing campaign VBT drives more traffic to partners site where the VBT systems close the business. - see the blog Click here >>>
12/05/2013 - How to Boost Tourism Marketing with your SocialNetwork
This video takes a new look at information marketing and publishing in the digital age. Ideas and strategies reveal here are propriety techniques that are unconventional and highly effective for all sorts of products, business and services. For full details see the blog and video on Blog

see Tourism Marketing Video on YouTube link below
11/05/2013 - How to Build Your Social Network To Market Hotels
11th video in the series hotel and travel tutorial by Tourism Marketing Machines. It begins a mini series on social network and search engine marketing on how to market and publish travel brands online. It leads you through the steps of a cross channel campaign from building your network to the all of ways that information can now be packaged, formatted, distributed and promoted.

For the complete series of tutorial, case studies and how to guides see and learn why you must Publish to Prosper in Tourism Marketing

Visit link below for more details:
10/23/2013 - TravellersInsights Magazine Creates Buzz
If TravelersinsIghts digital magazine is any example for tourism marketing, then we have to say that the iPad with its retina display and steady streaming, multimedia punlicatios are the way of the future for travel marketing and publishing - But See it for your self On iTunes, iPad and iPhones For a limited time the app is available for free. Its got hundreds of downloads in just a few days and currently in top 6 spots on the travel newsstand. For links on the technology see more about Links for Building your Travel Magazine app

Click Below for more info on the video
10/08/2013 - Video Series Shares Propreitary Marketing Breakthrought
SocialIndexEngine reports reviews new video series by Tourism Marketing Machines. The new tutorial take you behind the scenes and shares new thinking on marketing hotel and travel information and products. This exciting series will change the way you think about hospitality markets and branding. See more here

See Youtube Video below
09/30/2013 - #TravelShopers may be by passing your site
Travel Shoppers are going to over two dozen sites before they buy. Its been said that the hotels own website is one of the last it will visit and with little to make them stick, they shop. To keep them hoteliers need to upgarde technology and give them a reason to return and buy. They need a sales funnel and an entice interactive experience like visual travel planning and visual bookings. A Free video by Click Here to register for more free videos and case studies

See detail on TravelShopping and your website at the Youtube link below
09/25/2013 - Visual Bookings Attracts More Travellers
The Visual Bookings Technology developed by The Barbados Tourism Encyclopedia ( for its interactive lists and travelshopping systems is getting more engagement and more clicks (to hotel websites) than anything before. "It is clearly a superior service to visitors and accommodation providers", says Kathy Lynn Ward. COO of AXSES, the company that owns and the developers of most of the interactive travel-shopping technology used on its network of site that market Barbados. See more on our blog - click here >>>

See The Video On YoutUbe at the link below
09/16/2013 - Why you Need to Worry About Search
We posted a video a while back on how hotels are falling off search. We though it was mainly the small hotels but today Intercontinental hotels says search results are dominated by the OTAs. It just another way that the authority bias in SEO is hurting hospitality. Get the details on SocialIndexEngine now

See the video again below:
09/07/2013 - New Book Launched on How to Market Hotels And Tourism Today
Hi its Ian here, I want to let you know about the new Book I am about to publish. Its the second in my series on how to Build your Business online, this one is dedicated to Hotels and Tourism Marketing. It is dedicated to tourism professionals, hotel owners, managers and destination marketers who who need to understand what is happening with media, social networking, mobile and online travel distribution. Its easy and fun to read with many real life examples that you will relate to. At the same time its got real insight and tips that even seasons marketing professional will appreciate. See the video on you tube for more information or go direct to the website & pre-launch - Click here >>.

Check out the Video Marketing Hotels And Tourism Online
09/02/2013 - Barbados Launches Stunning Family Holidays Video
Barbados Tourism Encyclopedia launches new family holidays video. It starts with a walk through Anthony Hunts magical gardens with its magestic royal palms and a hundred brid songs flying by, its a moving moment that will make your spirit soar. Of course the pirate ships, submarine cruises, safari trips, swimming with the turtles and much more are all featured. Check it out below:
09/02/2013 - What Microsoft & Foursquare Talks Mean to Tourism
Search is changing as more travelers are seeking out sites like Tripadvisor and Facebook to find reviews and to get real information that they can trust. That means it is not an advertisement and has value. This at a time when Google is depreciating organic search for local companies and small hotels and tourism operators. So what then is Microsoft and Foursquare talking about. It could mean a revival of search for small and local tourism companies. This article says it all.
08/27/2013 - Tourism Rebounds Above Expectations
Its official, tourism is out of recession. The UNWTO expecation for 2013 is 3% so far we hot 5% and travellers and moving and spending money overseas. Asia and Middle east is up, and so is the developing nations,. Travel spend from American, German, and UK markets hold strain while Japanese, Italian, and Australian tourists spend less than a year ago. See details at the link below
08/27/2013 - 10 Tips for Optimizing your TripAdvisor Pages
This is a good article on how to make the most of TripAdvisor. Our blog reviews the work of Chris Campbell, adds some additional tips and reflects on issues with bookings and videos on your TripAdvisor hotel pages. In particular we like the new TA connect and suggest all hotels should get their own Direct Bookings Service connect to TA. There is a but of a backlog and it may take some time but this a great boon to direct business and should be a priority fopr hotel marketing. is in-line for review!
08/08/2013 - Video 2 - Reasons WHY Google updates hurt travel
This is the second in the series of How Search Engine Optimization for travel and tourism. In video we showed how SEO for travel has dramatically changed, and how small hotels are loosing position on search results, This video looks at exactly why this is happening and what you can do about it
See video1 and 2 at SEO Marketing for Travel >>>

See On YouTube below
07/29/2013 - Tourism Marketing Machines Launches Free Video Tutorials
Offering help to hotels and tourism professionals, these videos are packed with information on how to take advantage of the dynamically changing media, marketing and advertising landscape.

Covered are:
The Future of media | Content Marketing Basics | How Penguin has squeezed Hotels off Search | How Travelers Shop | Using Press Releases to Boost Direct bookings | Why you need to Diversify from OTAs | What's in Store for GDS | Case Study - Keywords | Why you must have a social network | The New Role of Publishing | Social PR | Case Study of How it Works .... and much more!

Get all here >>>
07/04/2013 - Evolution of Search Hurts Hotels
Danny Sullivan does a great job of outlining the stages of search over the years. Its evolution has dramatically changed how search works and has moved it from a prime marketing resource for small hotels to something much less. The future looks no better! In this blog we review Danny's study and add some alarming illustrations on the current state of SEO for hotel and tourism marketing.

For details go to search's evolution and the future of SEO for travel.
See YouTube video on Hotel SEO below
04/05/2013 - How YouTube Trailers Help Tourism
Google's new YouTube trailer for Youtube channels is an effective service for hotels and tourism companies. The trailer is visible only to those who have not already subscribed and the main idea, from Google's perspective, is to encourage people to subscribe. As a channel owner, subscribers build your ranking and your authority, which will help get your videos and content featured and listed in search results.

See how is using this new feature

See TravelBarbados Youtube Channel

For detail on ONE Channel and the Video trailer see our blog below .... (c) Ian R Clayton #irclay
03/20/2013 - Are Blogs Dying as SEO
I follow Ryann Deiss and subscribe to his digital marketing newsletter and mastermind. First came across him when he was predicting the end of the net as we know it and stressing future dominated by a few big business. its playing out now. His latest outsider view is that Blogs are being ignored by Google to large extent. He has the statistics to prove it too. You need to read this article, but, remember Ryann is in the business of selling marketing services and information. He gives away a lot of free stuff and its good value to belong to his groups, at least i find it so.

Ryann takes edgy positions on things and does a lot of research and testing to support his hypotheses. Things change rapidly in this business and what G does one day may be reversed the next. We see blogs working for us at this time. But clearly other things like Social Networking, videos and building authority are becoming more and more important in travel marketing.

In the interest of full disclosure TravelWatchNews (TWN) and all associated with it, have no affiliation and receive no commissions on any business you may do with Ryann.
03/14/2013 - Nature Tourism Takes off in the Caribbean
The new campaign for the Barbados Tourism Encyclopedia has launched its third video in the Distinctively Charming series for Barbados. Naturally charming and distinctive by nature features animals, birds, underwater scenes, the colorful fish, sandpipers dancing on the beach and local activities at the Oistins Fish market and village fish fry. Also featured are the polo and race horses taking a morning bath.

Brochure Flyer of Barbados Nature is available for Free download Click here >>>

More on the Distinctively Charming Island Campaign: Go to

02/27/2013 - Barbados People Focus on New Campaign
The Distinctively Charming Barbados Brand Campaign launches Video #2. The first video focused on the technology of the new website redesign. With video2 the focus shifts to the new Brand "Distinctively Charming" wich features people and lifestyles. The campaign will unfold with several videos and articles on separate themes within the new brand. See the website page about the brand.. at the link below

See Youtube Video

02/18/2013 - Responsive Web Design Boosts Tourism Marketing
The re-designed website of the Barbados Tourism Encyclopedia at is getting more exposure and response for hotel and tourism companies who list and market their properties on the site.

The site is built using the Responsive Web Design (RWD) framework and incorporates new navigation, images, video and content to showcase Barbados as a most Distinctively Charming island destination.

With the RWD, the sites is now available to the growing number of travelers who use their mobiles, smartphones, iPods and tablet to research, plan and book holidays online. See the details on our whitepaper at Slideshare and the video presentation:

See full video on YouTube at the link below
02/09/2013 - Hotel Marketing - The Story
The new mantra in marketing is about engagement. Story telling and user videos are a great way to tell engaging stories. Canada user generated videos clocked 2.5 million viewes - see our blog for more detail.
01/28/2013 - Ranking in Search Results is no Longer an SEO Issue
To Rank in Search Results and get to the very top in listing used to be a matter of doing your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Correctly. Todays is a whole lot more complex and depends heavily on building authority for the brand and the people in front of it. In the new social landscape social who you are and where you are is now as important as SEO, and building authority is a long term project that will take months. The good news is that it can be done and here is an example of just that- click below for details
01/21/2013 - Gourmet Adventures - Coal Pot St. Lucia
Adventure Travel Destinations features in depth review of Coal Pot Restaurant in St. Lucia. See full details on the Gourmet Adventure Travel Blog Click Here for details >>

See Video on Youtube Below:
01/15/2013 - Search Hurting St. Lucia Apartment Rentals
Latest updates to search systems are disadvantaging local apartment owners in St. Lucia. This article documents the effect of these changes and looks at what can be done to give control back to local tourism companies.
01/10/2013 - The Press Release
How to get the most from your Press Release. This blog explains how AXSES views the PR and how to make it a viable part of a marketing campaign. While Google depreciates the value of a Press Release from a SEO perspective, it is still one of the most important things you can do in a marketing campaign. The blog explains some of the points to consider.
01/10/2013 - Mobile Calendar Tourism Strategies
This is a summary of what The Barbados Tourism Encyclopedia ( did to create a mobile platform for It is a hybrid of the new responsive website design that Google is proposing as the new standard for all mobile designs, and the native app. It takes advantage of the features of both.
12/15/2012 - Video Sales Letter for Tourism
In this case study we evaluate the effectiveness of the video sales letter for marketing hotels and tourism. The study is conducted as part of a campaign for in St. Lucia. The sales letter is fundamentally different from the traditional travel promotion. Video sales letters were pioneered by Jon Benson. They have been very successful because they are highly focused, simple, direct and avoid confusion with images, talking heads, professional narration and film. For details go to
12/15/2012 - Downsizing Luxury
"Travelers who love luxury and just don't want to spend thousands of dollars a night to sleep away their indulgence are turning to affordable accommodation; spending the savings on fine dining, tours and day time explorations and adventures." For more see Downsizing Luxury in the Travel Market: Also see the full YouTube video below
12/01/2012 - Family Adventure Marketing
Adventure travel is one of the fastest growing sectors of the tourism market and family travel is a big part of adventure tourism. In a new campaign to promote family adventure tours, packages and products, launches a series of blogs, articles, videos and press releases as key pins of its multi-media marketing. The campaign creates a footprint across hundreds of websites, leading travelers back to the blogs, pages and videos for action. See the ATD blog for more information.

If you have a family adventure package or product you would like to market, contact us at support (at)
11/05/2012 - Barbados Publishes Video on Culture
The video showcases one of the examples of Barbados & Caribbean Arts and Culture. This is a tour of the Earthworks factory and a chance to meet the artists and potters. It is an inside look and documentary on how they turn earth and clay into fine art; a part of our Caribbean heritage. Barbados Tourism Encyclopedia

Link to The Barbados Culture Page below:
11/01/2012 - Seniors Adventure Travel Tours & Resources
It's never too late to explore and discover the world of culture and nature and to have an adventure. has added a new video and new page (Ageless Tours) that are great for older persons and those who like a degree of comfort on their adventure. All tours can be selected according to comfort and activity level and those over 60 may choose more active adventures if they prefer. For hotel and tourism destinations, we welcome your sponsorship and advertising on these pages. Please contact us at support on the ATD website below and select Advertising.

See the ATD page Click Here

See the video on YouTube at the link below.
10/23/2012 - Case Study. Positioning Your Hire Car Business
This travel marketing case study talks about the need to find a Unique Sales Position and then create an integrated campaign to get the word out. Social media, video and articles were used to spread the message. The results were a steady gain in search engine ranking, overall visibility and exposure on sites like YouTube, Google and social media. See the Case Study on Quora below:
10/17/2012 - St. Lucia Holiday Apartment Rentals: Marketing Case Study
Search engine marketing has forever changed. With the new changes made by the leading search engines, it is becoming increasingly difficult for small tourism operators to get high ranking in search results.

The latest changes by Google give, for example, more credit for onsite content. Now all the big sites like the Online Travel Agents (OTAs like Expedia). They have huge "relevant content" for St. lucia apartment rentals, for accommodation and for St. Lucia holiday activities.

A small hotel, villa complex or holiday apartment rentals can not compete with this for content. But, there is hope: Read this blog to see what we did and keep watching as we share the results.

See our Blog - CLICK HERE.. To See the video on YouTube click Below
10/05/2012 - World Heritage Tourism Opportunities
This blog outlines steps and results of our World Heritage Tourism Marketing. We gained top ranking by creating valuable content in multiple formats and publishing them in a coordinated manner. Each activity was designed and timed to reinforce the others and build authority. Our campaign has about 40 touch points which include building a dedicated network to distribute information and publish content. See the blog for details and to download the Free Magazine
09/24/2012 - World Heritage Tourism Video
To cover heritage hotels, heritage holidays, heritage travel to Unesco designated World Heritage sites that are especially fun and rewarding for a holiday. To qualify for inclusion in the magazine the destination must be a UNESCO listed WH Site and in addition need to be an exceptionally attractive tourism destination. Vacationers should enjoy the visit, be safe, have interesting cultural things to do and see, learn something while visiting and have time to relax and enjoy the lifestyle and ambiance of a special place. Published by Click the YouTube link below for full video
09/17/2012 - Holiday Car Insurance Tips
Jonathan Gittens video on car insurance coverage and safety while renting a car on vacation, gives the details on what cars to not choose and what you need in insurance converge. See the video at or visit the Party holidays blog
08/30/2012 - U-Drive Adventures Turns Car Hire Upside Down
In this campaign for Courtesy Rent a Car, the Social index marketing team create an new way to look at car rental for the adventure travel tours and holiday market. The SIE marketing creates a social index and influences the new knowledge graph which is fast becoming the new focus of search. Click for full details here >>>>

You may also see some of the collateral and video at the Adventure-Travel-Destinations site below below:
08/30/2012 - Search in the Age of the Knowledge Graph
This blog is about a fundamental shift in the thinking of what search is supposed to do. It looks at what people do with search and builds this knowledge in the results delivered for a query. No longer is search about providing a single unique answer to every unique individual, it is now about deliver a rich layer of relevant information and knowledge in a format that suites the user. See our blog here >>>>

You may also read the Google Blog for full details at the link below
08/21/2012 - Barbados Carnival Street Party - Kadooment
The Big to-do or Kadooment is the grade finale of the Crop Over Harvest Celebration. The Finals day start with bands that collect and move on down to town. All playing their music followed by teams in exotic featured costumes, jumping to the beat. All are welcome to join in See our YouTube Channel. for more information please visit our blog below:
08/11/2012 - Swim with the Turtles in Barbados: See Turtles Kiss
Judge for yourself if turtles actually do kiss. This video is pretty compelling on the subject. turtles kissing

View on YouTube

Also see more about turtles life and turtle adventures below:
07/27/2012 - Bridgetown Barbados World Heritage Site
See our video and press release re this UNESCO designation in recognition of Bridgetown's historic importance, architecture and heritage. Click Here Video link below
07/25/2012 - Adventure Travel Marketing
Here we outline several advertising and marketing options for your adventure travel tours, destination, hotels and activities. See our link below. You can also visit Adventure-Travel Website | For advertising and marketing options see the link below:
07/20/2012 - Adventure Travel Tours Website offer advertising and marketing services to Adventure Travel Tour companies, hotels and Destinations: This blog outlines the relaunch of the new video based site. new videos will be added weekly. For details on marketing options see Adventure Travel Tours and Destinations Marketing
07/04/2012 - Backlinks In The Age of Penguin
Sites with authentic links back to them for other sites get listed in results relative to the keywords being searched. They gain higher ranking and do better that the competition. This article discusses how to create authentic backlinks to your site and what to do and not to do to get to the top of search.
06/29/2012 - How Panda & Penguine Can Help You
Panda penalized sites with duplicate content. It hurt site like Hubpages that ended up having their content duplicated across the internet and often had duplicate content. Penguin look at links and penalized links that looked over-optimised. It meant that your articles and blogs and marketing links were infective and in some cases causing you to be depreciated. But the latest updates moderate some aspects and revive some things while enforcing strict rules. It changes the game again. I have added two blogs to explain hoe this effects tourism and internet marketing Click Here The Blogs & Updates. I will be adding more tutorial videos to clarify this - the existing tutorials are valid and will make good viewing in relation to these blogs and recommendations. Get them on our website below:
06/26/2012 - Live at McBrides
A RealHolidays video of Z-Rox live at McBrides club in the Gap. The video features a YouTube advertorial Video, in the new partner program. Using the TrueView in-stream ads giving viewers a choice over which advertisers' messages they want to see and when. Video is part of the blog. See it on YouTube below >>
06/19/2012 - Holiday Car Rental Tips
A Social Index Campaign features Direct car Rentals and creates a Car Tips area for those interested in renting a car while on Holiday. For Tips page see Car Rental Tips
05/31/2012 - Tiami Cruises Publishes Dine, Dance Sail Video
A Realholidays.TV video production for Tiami Catamaran Cruises published on is a short film of a luncheon sail to snorkel and swim with the turtles in Barbados and return with guests dining and dancing on the deck to the beat of Caribbean rhythms. See our Blog
05/17/2012 - Party-Destinations Video Celibrates Barbados Celebrity
With rihanna, Shontelle, Vita Chambers and Arturo Tappin born in Barbados, the tiny Caribbean Ialand shows a unprecedented musical talent and an great aptitude for dance and partying. Read the story >> go to Video Blogs

Also on YouTube below
05/03/2012 - SocialIndexEngine Portal Launched
Get your site high up on the search engines, get more traffic and more bookings with this comprehensive SIE strategy of video marketing and social networking

See more on our blog Click Here >>>

See New Portal
04/02/2012 - Bonus Video Tutorial For Book
We are pleased to announce the bonus video for those who buy "How to Build Your Business Online" book, are available at the link below. 2 new videos are created and are only available to subscribers. These are a video on Search Engine Optimization which shows exactly what needs to be done to make your website pages get listed on Google and Other Search Engines. Also a video on keyword strategies that explain how to select the right work that people are searching for and how to use it. See the Press Release by PRWeb - Register for Bonus below
03/08/2012 - My Book's Nomination: The Power of Social Media
My book "How to Build your Business Online" at was nominated for an award by Small Business Book Awards. That is an honor which I am much in awe of. But what it really means is far greater that an award or the publicity. The real significance is that I did not know about the award and had no hand in it. People I do not even know made this happen. And that is the power of the Age of Participation that I have written about in the book. Please read the blog. There is a very moving TED video which I am sure will impress you and show you just how powerful and available participation is in this age of distributed Social Media, or what I call the Age of Participation.
03/01/2012 - Party-Destinations Tops Search
Rapidaly moving to the top of all search results ahead of major competition, party-destination is another example of success with AXSES and Brand Marketing Read our blog for all the details Destination Marketing that Works | Hotels and tourism companies interesting in destination marketing for this nightlife niche can get info at | See option for Marketing with the SocialIndexEngine at the link below
02/28/2012 - Party-Destinations Presents World Holiday Party Time
Thinking of a vacation in some of the world's most exotic places, with exciting nightlife and things to do both day and night? Then check out our Top 5 recommendations . We will be adding links and offers as we discover the top party places, clubs and resorts of the world.
02/28/2012 - Launched is the newest site that helps you discover great party holiday hotels and places in fun and lively destinations, be it for singles, couples, families and friends. Whether you are celebrating a bachelor party, you are in dire need of a girlfriend getaway or you just want to live like a celebrity for a few days, consider planning to visit one of our recommended party destinations for the trip of a lifetime. To find out more on these destinations, and why they are such spectacular party places, read more in our blog .
02/16/2012 - 5 Days in Bequia
A review of a charming 5-day stay in Bequia. From experiences with friendly locals to food reviews, see our blog for a first-person account of how you can unwind at the speed of light in this little island escape where life is as simple as it was meant to be.
01/31/2012 - How to Build Your Business Online - The Book
My book "How to Build your Business Online" was published in Dec 2011 and is for sale on Amazon as a paperback and on Kindle as an e-book. This book, with its simple, easy-to-read language, describes how to build your brand and market your business online through Search Engine placement, Search Engine Optimization, Content Marketing, Mobile and Social Media and other methods. For more on the book and the story behind how the book was made, see our blog.
01/20/2012 - SocialIndexEngine Campaign Case Study
The early results of Social Index Marketing campaign to promote Marigot Beach Hotel in St. Lucia are very encouraging. Compared to the same time last year, the hotel has had a 200% increase in bookings. The page rank for their website,, has increased from PR3 to PR4. This new marketing strategy is at the core of our approach to SEO Marketing. For more on this marketing campaign and how the SocialIndexEngine can work for your hotel or tourism operation, see our video . You can also read our blog.
01/13/2012 - New Video promoting Marigot Bay Blasted
We have just published another video blast for Marigot Bay in St. Lucia for Unlike the previous video, which focused mainly on the Marigot Beach Hotel, this one is featuring the destination of St. Lucia. We are publishing a separate blog that describes the success of this campaign, explains what we did and why and offers some insights as to why our SocialIndexEngine works. See our blog for more details.
12/04/2011 - Social Media Marketing for Travel #2: Automation Tools and Risks
HubPages covering SEO, Social Index and strategies, tools and risk used to market and bring viral power to brands see hub page Hubpages Article

Link below for ViralPowerBranding with Social Indexing>>>
12/04/2011 - Article Marketing To Power Your Brand
For an Example of Content Marketing see our Video on Marketing Dominica: The site has over 50 standard pages of information and 100 dynamic pages of continent that is configured to suite the travellers search. We wrote many articles and created a magazine. The campaign included comments and post to bookmarks, twitter and press releases. The result: In just under a year, the site gained a Page Rank of 4. and over 500,000 Unique Visitors visitors. We had 30,000 link directly to the Hotel Members Websites from the portal alone and an unmeasured number of links from the Internet resulting from the viral power of the Social Media and content marketing.

See blog

NB: article marketing is part of the (SIE) service by AXSES. SIE creates viral powered brands
11/28/2011 - Lessons from Affiliate Marketers
Jeff Johnson is reputed to be one of the top Affiliate marketers in the world - Travel companies can learn a lot about marketing on the net by following Jeff Johnson. A top Internet Marketing Guru who is telling it like it is in this series of videos. We have subscribed to some of his courses and have had success with strategies which we have modified for tourism marketing and also integrated in our Social Indexing and SEO marketing for travel: Check out - Jeffs videos
11/03/2011 - Working with Bolivia Cultural Tourism
AXSES is in the early stages of implementing a basic Social Index campaign for the country of Bolivia. We are promoting Bolivia with appealing tours and packaged holidays that showcase several cities for travellers to see the country's many unique points of interest. Our newest international client, Hostal de Su Merced, is working on creating the tours and teaming up with other hotels and local experts to deliver a unique countrywide experience. See our blog for more on our new YouTube Video and blogs on Bolivia.
10/21/2011 - How Google is Changing Travel Search
Since Google is trying more and more to deliver customized results for each individual, hotels and travel companies will need to get Google's attention. This means that they will need to engage more in Social Media. How can they compete in this new environment? See our blog
10/13/2011 - Is Search Failing Small Hotels?
Google is making it difficult for small hotels to be seen in organic search as it changes the layout of results to promote advertisers and its own results like Google Places. Google Search is now in the eCommerce business, offering rates by date and links to booking options. Google is also providing its own places' websites in several cases. It lists seven properties on top of the map; these are 7 they think are the most appropriate search results. The mechanics of choosing the top 7 is not clear at all. Google has added their own eCommerce into the mix, displaying season rates and linking off to shopping sites like Expedia. How will small hotels survive? See our blog
10/06/2011 - Travel to Exotic Places
AXSES builds market leads capture site as part of its marketing campaign St. Lucia hotels and other exotic destinations. This is a tiny part of the overall strategy that includes content marketing, video positioning and social media with the new service and tools of its - For details on the marketing strategy and technology, please see our blog

09/25/2011 - Is Search the New Media
Search Engines morphing into a far more interactive channel. We have interactive maps and pricing options now right in search results. Look at Google + and remember that new media is not about broadcasting but about enabling participation. Hangouts is new media! Blog
09/19/2011 - Facebook Places Moves to Pages
Facebook is abanding its PLACES app in favour of moving it to conventional pages. It is not ducking the location game, but moving it to the mainstream. They are moving away the check-in services and in this way Places is being killed off and being replaced by new Nearby area.
08/22/2011 - Social Media Marketing 4 Travel
New service in Social Media with a focus on travel described as is full service solution for travel marketing using social media. Social media is now the primary source of influence and leads for many travel companies (more later on this when we discuss National Geographics case study). Social media networking incorporates videos, mobile, bookmarks, podcasts, articles, blogs, Twitter and other social sites like LinkedIn. It is geared to the new media landscape and the future of all marketing and all media. see blog About Social Marketing for Travel | Site:
08/22/2011 - Future Social Media for Hotel Marketing Travel & Tourism (hub)
This is the second in the series on the future of Media. Our Previous TravelWatchNews blog on Clay Shirky looks into the future of Social Media Networking and Marketing for travel and tourism. It concludes that Social Media is not about being social but about participation. This blog delves into social networking and its form and function in the age of participation HubPages on The Future of Social Media for Hotel Marketing Travel & Tourism
08/08/2011 - Clay Shirkly on Social Media
review of how Social Media is changing the marketing landscape for travel. Blog looks at his core principles and how they relate to hotel, travel and tourism marketing - Social Media it seems, is not really social at all. Great video on TED and You Tube - A must watch for the thinking marketer
08/04/2011 - Facebook Posts Engine Gets More Fans
New arcRes Facebook application automates Fan Page Posts and Facebook Wall Post with Special Offers for Travelers and Fans. "Posting Special Offers and Packages" are great content for Fan Conversation, status updates and wall posts. They also get shared amongst Fans and friends of Fans giving good exposure. With arcRes Special Offers application for Facebook, Hotels and Tourism suppliers can quickly build and display engaging Facebook content and get more fans.See Blog
06/10/2011 - Facebook Sweepstake 4 Tourism
AXSES has set up a Sweepstake on the Barbados Tourism Encyclopedia Facebook Fan page. There are several objectives as outlined in the TravelWatchNow blog at See the blog. One of the prime focuses is to continue and test Facebook as a tourism platform. This is part of the AXSES strategy to build Social Media Service, technology and deliver unique products to the tourism industry internationally. AXSES' expertise in this area was rewarded by recognition in a recent New York Times article on Social Media for Travel. Keep tuned in as we roll out our 10-point strategy for Facebook and Social Media! Win at See the Video on YouTube below.
05/19/2011 - Facebook TravelAds #2 Mobile Results
Facebook ads for mobile travel generated a high click-through rate and interest. Visitors stayed over 2 minutes and visited many pages. They visited the suppliers' offers and some used the booking engine to get quotes. Just under 1 million impressions were delivered for 330 Clicks. Google's AdWords' visitors, by comparison, stayed under 30 seconds and many visited no pages. Google Adwords underperformed, whereas Facebook exceeded expectations. See our blog for more info. Results also on our YouTube video below.
04/23/2011 - Facebook Travel Ads #2 Mobile
Second in a series of case studies using Facebook as a channel for marketing hotels and travel. In this issue, we look at Mobile Travel. How to advertise a Mobile Travel Site like Facebook advertising does not appear on mobile sites, so we are driving desktop users to a mobile site. A bit odd, but it had merit. We are testing out various options in split tests and will report back shortly.
04/19/2011 - AXSES Facebook app in New York Times
arcResBookings for Facebook is featured in New York Times Social Media Travel article today. In an honourable mention to AXSES, the Times article covers 19 properties, from Trump to Cornell's School of Hotel Administration. The articles follow up on AXSES leadership with the first travel app for direct bookings in Social media. AXSES is offering a service to help independent hotels, small chains and tourism operators engage fans on Facebook with interactive and immediate quotes and bookings, tailored to their Fan pages on Facebook. The article also notes the importance of mobiles and the increase in Smartphone travellers' booking and planning holidays from their mobile phones. This is interesting, as AXSES is currently integrating its and SmarphoneTraveller marketing with Facebook travel marketing. We plan to offer an innovative Social Media marketing service, integrated with Mobile marketing very shortly. See more in our blog.
04/08/2011 - Facebook Travel Ads #1 Concept
Facebook Hotel and Travel Ads work! Check out our latest blog. Details on our market test and proof of concept. Follow this blog for a complete market analysis and strategy on how to market Travel with Facebook. How to do a split test, create effective ads, landing pages and close business. More to follow.
03/24/2011 - Dominica Kalinago - Carib Warner
This blog summaries the latest story in our series on the Kalinago. It's a new story of the Caribbean. Blog on Carib Warner. The hub is linked below.
03/18/2011 - New Features for Direct Bookings/Marketing
arcRes V5: Real-time booking with new travel marketing options. This streamlined booking engine, marketing and publishing system brings the latest technology to hotels and tourism and makes it easy for travellers to shop, evaluate, decide and book.
03/14/2011 - arcRes WordPress Booking Widget
Axses launches arcRes Booking Widget for WordPress Hotel and Tourism websites. The arcRes Booking Widget provides flexible inventory and payment options and can work for WordPress merchants. It also provides a credit card guarantee system which is becoming very popular, as many hotels have excellent discount rates with local banks. Credit Card Guarantee is a standard used by the majority of international hotels, and it is very suited to small hotels that don't have a need for Internet merchant accounts.
03/03/2011 - Hotel Rates Hurt Direct Business
OTAs gain followings at the expense of the direct channel. Price is a huge reason for their success. They advertise 50% discounts and have been know to sell below cost to create the expectation that they have the best deals around. Hotels have been asked to step up the game with Deals and Specials layered onto the already deep discounts, leaving many with little margin on rooms sold in the OTA channels. See Blog
02/26/2011 - Confirmed Booking vs. Request
AXSES pioneered the idea of an open booking engine that does not require inventory management and captures all lookers in a marketing database. It is an easy system to work with and is very popular with hotels and tourism operators, especially those who follow up and send out direct mails to all those lookers who get quotes and show interest. Our latest research casts some question on the effectiveness of this technique and looks at alternatives with Confirmed Bookings. Boookings Blog
02/20/2011 - dotMobi Advantages
AXSES R&D comments on dotMobi, the ICANN standard for mobile devices and mobile websites- Article outlines the AXSES 4-Point Mobile Marketing strategy. See Blog
02/15/2011 - Facebook Phones for Smartphone Travellers: Social Search Gets Local
HTC and INQ both unveiled a couple of new smartphone models for Facebook. These are phones that launch with your Facebook page and make it easier to use Facebook on a smartphone to connect to others, share information and find local travel attractions and resources near to you. For Facebook travellers on the go, it will be useful for looking up Facebook offers at local hotel, restaurant and activities nearby. Primed by the Geolocation capabilities built into the phone, it makes search personal and local. More on our Blog Subscribe to marketing below.
02/02/2011 - Google Launches Web Browsing for Android Apps Market
Android Apps Marketplace now at This is a great online resources that is easily search-able and available for any web browser - see our bog - Sign up for SmartphoneTraveller marketing at
01/31/2011 - Persuasion in the Age of Engagement
Google's new rules make it hard for marketers to be seen and to persuade. We wonder: is persuasion dying in the new age of engagement? Are personal referrals and friends' advice on social networks going to replace search and marketing? Blog
01/13/2011 - TravelOnTheGo Mobile Marketing
DotMobi has been the right decision for us on a number of counts. Most notably is the adoption of .Mobi by ICANN and the thousands of search engines and Mobile Directories that get the information on new dotMobi sites. This has great benefit for hotel and tourism brands that market with arcRes Publishing. Our (view on smartphones) directories help get hotels on the first page of Google search results. See Blog
01/11/2011 - Engagement Turned Upside-Down
In researching for our HubPage on Facebook as a Travel Platform (see link Below), I came across Simon Sinek. Simon talks about this concept, which he calls the "Golden Circle". His research on the great successes of the Wright Brothers to modern-day Apple Computers shows a common thread that defies tradition. Blog
12/29/2010 - Cultural Tourism and Adventure Travel
Adventure Travel has been described as any combination of Sports and activities (generally extreme), cultural exchanges and exploration and nature. This article looks at cultural adventure travel with stories about people, places and elephants in the world of adventure.
12/28/2010 - Selecting Facebook Apps for Travel
As a Hotel and Travel Platform, Facebook has to provide help for you to organize your data, so that it is meaningful, relevant and actionable. Online Travel agents are leading this move, which is unfortunate, as Facebook is a brand-friendly channel that can- and should- be used by hotels, tourism operators and destinations to build their own brand integrity, Fan loyalty and direct bookings. See our Blog |
12/26/2010 - 10 tips - Article Writing for Travel Marketing
Do not write advertorials or what are seen as self-service promotions. Advertorials are not generally effective, neither are infomercials. Self-serving articles do not impress those who are looking for good independent information. See our Blog

Also, see an example below for a promo of Romantic-Holiday-Destinations. A site marketing hotel and tourism companies: Adventure Holidays
12/14/2010 - Can Google +1 Catch Facebook?
Travel shoppers are looking to friends and friends of friends for advice and suggestions on travel, destinations, hotels and holiday activities. Many are going to Facebook hotel pages, groups and reading Facebook friends' reviews. This "social trend" is influencing where they go, how they get there and what they do. See our Blog for more info. Try arcResBooking for Facebook by clicking the link below. This free trial will load your brand, seasons, rates, rooms, images and content onto your Facebook page and allow Facebook Fans to get instant quotes or book holidays with you, directly from Facebook.
11/24/2010 - Adventure Holiday Specials Marketing
Here are 10 reasons to book adventure holidays direct. It's not all about the best holiday specials and deals, but best rates and specials have become a necessity.
More about promoting your adventure holiday specials: Go to Adventure Travel Destinations affiliates . For 10 top reasons why Adventure travellers should buy direct - See our Blog below.
11/21/2010 - Dominica Carib People
A personal account and view of a culture on the edge! A part of the Dominica Article Ranking and video blogging in AXSES Destination Marketing.
10/30/2010 - Romantic Holiday Marketing
Romance is all of this: Adventure, mystery, luxury, exotic, wild, peaceful, tempting, dangerous, exciting, a hideaway and an escape. Romance is a state of mind and an expectation. Romantic holiday sare now family affairs. Holidays to romantic places are as appealing to families, singles, groups, and business as they are to couples and honeymooners. See this story on our Blog: Blog
10/24/2010 - New Video: How to Add Bookings To Facebook
Facebook takes centre stage for Hotel and Tourism Bookings & Marketing. The HubPage article covers several topics on Facebook and its future with Bing, Mobile Phones Search and Travel as it relates to tourism suppliers and hotel owners. See

10/24/2010 - Adventure Travel Destinations Marketing
AAXSES launches Adventure Travel Destinations Marketing. The new site includes multiple destinations, all of which offer specials and deals for adventure holidays. There are adventure trips for family adventure holidays, romantic adventure vacations for couples, adventure getaways for singles, learning, culture, educational and gourmet adventures for wine tasting, great dining and every holiday escape. See Blog >>
10/22/2010 - How Travellers Use Smartphones
Hilton Hotel International revealed that their Smartphone Mobile applications were downloaded more than 340,000 times as of August, 2010. The Hilton expects customers will book "well over" 100,000 room nights via mobile apps in 2010. Facebook smartphone users now account for 20% of daily logins and are growing fast. Smartphone Bookings by travellers requires a new look at how we market... see hub page
10/13/2010 - AXSES Launched Tourism Video Blogging Marketing Service
Photography/video, story boarding, article writing, narration, blogging and marketing. Marketing video includes distribution of the video to 27 key video sites including YouTube and Dailymotion, to ezines, press release and bookmarking sites.
10/02/2010 - Facebook Travel Blog Launched
AXSES launches a Facebook Travel Blog. While there are several Facebook blogs, this blog is for hotel and tourism suppliers and reports on Facebook issues and developments as they affect travel.
09/17/2010 - Facebook Bookings app & Video
AXSES new Release of for Facebook comes with a video showing just how easy it is to get your arcRes content, rooms, rates, images and property info onto your Facebook pages. Special rates and coupons can be offered to Facebook Fans, and special content and welcome messages may be customized for Facebook. Works for hotels, villas and all accommodation as well as car rentals and tourism operators. See our HubPages for the full story (below) - see our arcRes pages and the story on HubPages (below):
09/12/2010 - The Leopard can Change its Spots
How and why Apple reserved its decision and opened up the iPhone platform to more developers and to Flash.
09/09/2010 - Selecting Mobile Travel Technology
Top 6 Criteria that will make the difference in successful iPhone/Smartphone marketing.
09/03/2010 - Web preferred over Smartphone apps
Hotel and tourism operators need to make their information Smartphone-ready. Now, our new arcRes module will make it easy to publish your brand and products (rooms, car rentals, tourism activities, etc.) to Mobile and Smartphones. The new arcRes marketing application will also promote this information on the new web mobile channel and our smartphone app for Direct Travel shopping. See all this on the AXSES Smartphone website at Hotel Marketing to Smartphone travellers. For more on this story, see our blog below. Your browser cannot play this video? Learn how to fix this.
What this means is that we create a standard way for information to be loaded, stored and managed for websites, for Smartphone applications, Web 2.0 applications, like Facebook, and for web marketing. See the web. "while about a third of Smartphone owners use their devices for travel-related...
08/26/2010 - Hotel websites: rethinking for mobile
"Most regular web sites look horrible on a Smartphone." So says Chris Atkinson, Founder of MobiSphere. I agree, and we have the proof of that in the video below. This is particularly true for the Hotel and Tourism Operator's website, where bookings are complex and include many dimensions: Terms and meal plans, upgrades and add-ons, different rates by season, special deals and promotions, different rate plans, family plans and packages.
08/14/2010 - Publish or Perish
What better way to get noticed than getting publicity, print coverage online. One that you can do yourself or, at least, control yourself. It is a slightly new twist on an old and dying adage: replace print with the hybrid of digital marketing. Both in print and online, have it ready to download, ready to print on your own desktop, or have it shipped to your destination sales staff, travel agent or traveller.
08/01/2010 - Will Jobs be a Past Piper?
Apple is becoming more and more of a closed system. The latest plans show a company moving away from the developers and looking to go it alone.
07/27/2010 - AXSES SmartphoneTraveller Apps
AXSES Smartphone Travel app allows independent hotels, car rental companies, tourism operators and destinations to reach travellers directly on their mobile phones, as well as on many Internet marketing channels. See latest news about Smartphone Travel apps at
07/27/2010 - SmartphoneTraveller: Jobs not done well
Suddenly, is seems that the Apple iPhone is not the darling of the consumer. Google Android Smartphone shipping, at 1000 per day, is outpacing Apple. A quiet backlash is taking place, and for good reason. Read more on AXSES HubPages (link below) - also see AXSES and AXSES Smartphone applications page
07/27/2010 - Dominica Selects AXSES Travel Platform
The Dominica Tourism Authority (Discover Dominica Authority, DDA) selects the AXSES Travel Platform for the tourism industry in Dominica. Colin Piper, CEO/Director of the Discover Dominica Authority, says, We selected AXSES because its people have a deep understanding of the travel marketplace and the right suite of products and resources to help our travel marketing.
04/20/2010 - The Interactive Brand
"A brand does not exist on a shelf, it exists in the hearts and minds of people..." Mahesh Murthy, 2010. We are in the age of the Interactive Brand. Check out our blog, newsletters and websites that explain the secrets of the brand that connects!
01/22/2010 - Branding at a Crossroads
Our point of view is that Hotels and Tourism Operators are getting sucked into giving away their brand. Reliance on OTAs is bad for brand integrity. It is important not to abdicate the responsibility of managing your own Brands and taking control of it. We have 3 related views on this. See a short version in the Newsletter #11.
More details in our blog on branding
Full article Tourism Shopping Technology Magazine
10/31/2009 - Is Expedia good for you?
The debate on OTAs vs. Direct heated up this week with the release of new stats on shifts in the channel and the decision by Choice to quite Expedia. See our blog (below). We have also created a detailed report on brand marketing and brand integrity. It is available as a free PDF download. A printed magazine version is also available on demand at a cost of a couple of dollars. - click on the magazine image to order or download.
07/31/2009 - Booking-Partners - Boosts Destination Marketing!
Tourism operators and Hotels team up to market each others' products, increasing destination exposure and profits.
07/15/2009 - Rates & Revenue Management at a Crossroads
Rates and Revenue management are changing - See the latest trends and links on our Rates at a Crossroads Blog
07/08/2009 - Computing at a Crossroads
Google has made its intentions clear. They are going to take on Microsoft with a New Operating System for the desktop. It's a bold move that will see Google's Browser (Chrome) expand to managing your total computer resources. About time; Windows is a hog on resources, with software that has meandered through an evolution and got lost in a maze. It was never designed for the Internet, where we are spending more and more of our computing time. See our Computing Crossroads Blog.
06/15/2009 - Google Wave - Another Crossroads?
Google Wave has set a new paradigm for computing. It could have far-reaching implications if it's adopted - For the full story, see our WaveBlog. For a simple definition of what it is, see our arcRes Social Media - What is Wave?
05/16/2009 - Facebook: Things you must know
Terms that may affect you. How to set up and optimise pages/groups. How to use Facebook for tourism and travel marketing.
05/13/2009 - Social Media: Tourism & Travel Marketing
Who does what and how. Which channels are best for Travel Marketing. Tips & technology to help you compete.
05/06/2009 - e-Commerce and Travel Marketing Tools
Travel e-commerce and travel marketing tools help hotels and tourism operator market and manage distribution and direct business. See our detailed blog on the state of the industry: AXSES Blog- Travel Marketing Tools

arcRes Travel Marketing Suites is a world leader in making the Internet work for hotel brands and tourism operators. With AXSES' recently announced Facebook Bookings Application, it covers the entire spectrum of e-commerce from direct sales, Global Distribution and social networking:

Web info on arcRes Marketing Suites:
04/30/2009 - Using Facebook for Travel Bookings
With arcResBookings, Hotels and Tourism operators can now market using Facebook Travel Bookings. arcResBookings is the first e-commerce Tourism Suite for Facebook. It was developed by AXSES in Barbados, programmed by Kathy-Lynn Ward.
04/04/2009 - The New Order of the Web
The Internet has evolved into a network: never conceived and still not defined. It is form, function, process and context that are changing and merging almost at the speed of thought. The web is now a platform for participation rather than a medium for delivery. It has a life of its own as it morphs into a new order, changing how we work, engage and communicate.
03/02/2009 - The Web at a Crossroads
We wrote about advertising at a Crossroads nearly a year ago; today we read about Expedia's new PassportAds, The first program of its kind in travel advertising. We wrote about Search at a Crossroads, and now, TripAdvisor (actually another Expedia company) launches Integrated Search. It's to be expected - the whole way we do business is shifting fundamentally. Like Philip C. Wolf, President and CEO of PhoCusWright Inc., says, it's a perfect storm: MORE >>>
02/05/2009 - Social Net - changing how we compute!
Obama has changed the way we perceive social networks like Facebook, now business are scrambling to create social Network Strategies. In this article we review its relevance and document our own attempts to come to grips with Facebook
02/02/2009 - Distribution at a Crossroads
While over 80% of chain hotels get their business directly, 59% of online travel shoppers still stop at online agents (like Travelocity) first, presumably to comparison shop. The average consumer makes 12 searches and visits 22 sites before they book (Uptake, June, 2008). To be found, you need to be seen.
10/27/2008 - Destination Marketing at a Crossroads
Today the traveler is overwhelmed with armchair choices. Travelers will look at several sites, consult friends and agents, read reviews on social sites, check airlines and look for the best value. Back and forth, they go looking at maybe a dozen sites. Much of what they see is lost and forgotten. In This article, we examine ways to keep them coming backk to the destination site!
10/21/2008 - Travel Search at a Crossroads
Global Distribution Systems, Social Networking, Local Knowledge, Vertical Search and Meta Search are encroaching on the traditional search territory. Meta Search travel sites, like Kayak, offer better search for travel. Social networks and consumer sites, like TripAdvisor, are improving the travel experience by offering relevant, unbiased advice, much favoured over paid search results.
07/29/2008 - Advertising at a Crossroads
Technology is fusing! Advertisements are being fused with shopping, searching and buying at a furious pace. This is the first of a series about the new fusion and its effect on marketing!
07/29/2008 - Who is the Supplier?
Who is the supplier of travel? It worries me that many of our small hotel and tourism customers do not perceive themselves as suppliers. They often see themselves as a product, supplied to the market by middlemen. Nothing is further from the truth. The tourism operator and hotel owner is the supplier of rooms and of an experience. Together, these make up the core product
07/28/2008 - TravelWatch intro
TravelWatch Over the next few weeks, I will be laying out our view of what we, at AXSES, think is in store for travel marketing on the Internet, what works and why. Our vision is tempered by current research, the opinions of people in the business and our own experience. It is an optimistic view, one that holds that the Internet is drastically changing market

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10 tips - Article Writing for Travel Marketing
Can Google +1 Catch Facebook?
Adventure Holiday Specials Marketing
Dominica Carib People
Romantic Holiday Marketing
New Video: How to Add Bookings To Facebook
Adventure Travel Destinations Marketing
How Travellers Use Smartphones
AXSES Launched Tourism Video Blogging Marketing Service
Facebook Travel Blog Launched
Facebook Bookings app & Video
The Leopard can Change its Spots
Selecting Mobile Travel Technology
Web preferred over Smartphone apps
Hotel websites: rethinking for mobile
Publish or Perish
Will Jobs be a Past Piper?
AXSES SmartphoneTraveller Apps
SmartphoneTraveller: Jobs not done well
Dominica Selects AXSES Travel Platform
The Interactive Brand
Branding at a Crossroads
Is Expedia good for you?
Booking-Partners - Boosts Destination Marketing!
Rates & Revenue Management at a Crossroads
Computing at a Crossroads
Google Wave - Another Crossroads?
Facebook: Things you must know
Social Media: Tourism & Travel Marketing
e-Commerce and Travel Marketing Tools
Using Facebook for Travel Bookings
The New Order of the Web
The Web at a Crossroads
Social Net - changing how we compute!
Distribution at a Crossroads
Destination Marketing at a Crossroads
Travel Search at a Crossroads
Advertising at a Crossroads
Who is the Supplier?
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